Wednesday, 10 October 2007


What is it about a box or package in the mail that is so exciting? When I get one, even if I know it is something I ordered and am expecting, I get a thrill when it arrives. The moment before you open the box you can't be exactly sure what is inside. Along those lines today was a red letter day. The postman (yes, they still call them postmen here - I think) brought not 1, not 2, but 3 packages! The Royal Mail has been on strike off and on the last couple of weeks so possibly these were piling up but the end result for me was like Christmas! One package was an order I had placed so nothing too surprising but still fun. One package had a return address of our friends Mark & Laurie. Now Laurie had asked for our mailing address and wondered if a package would make it here before we return home but somehow after that exchange of information it slipped my mind until the package arrived. It contained some decadent Theo chocolates and a cool new plastic wallet that I had admired as well as a return of the British Museum guide I had lent to them during their stay here. Lastly was a complete surprise of a "care package" from Mom, Dad, and the Coddingtons. Sweet treats and autumn goodies. What fun!

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