Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Newbury Cycle Sportive

We rode the Newbury Cycle Sportive on Sunday. Our friends Ken and Barbara Robson were organizing so we knew it would be a good event. Cycle Sportives are organized to encourage cycling at all levels and to provide a competitive (although technically not a racing) challenge to those that want it. Robin rode the 115 mile event and achieved the silver medal standard (discovering after that he missed gold by only a little over 2 minutes) and I rode the 75 miler achieving the bronze medal standard (missing silver by 4 minutes). Since neither of us bothered checking to see what the time standards were ahead of time we weren't really aiming for anything. Robin rode hard to challenge himself while I enjoyed the countryside and rode a different paces matching along to different people to chat. A good day out followed by my favorite English beer - Kings Down. Kings Down is brewed by Arkell and is only available in a handful of pubs - none really close to our place in Farnborough unfortunately (?). Maybe I like it so much because so far I've only had it after a full day of cycling! Cheers!


Ryan said...

Great report on the cycling event - glad to see you both are remaining trim given the abundance of good ales and treacle there in jolly old England.

Keep the rubber side down!

Peter McKay said...

Hi Amy & Robin,

It is great to have you on the blogoshere!!! It so much easier than traditional web pages or email! Please keep your posts coming. You may wish to post your link on your facebook profile. I also added a link to your blog on my blog.