Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A lovely ride

Robin hasn't been enthusiastic about road-riding lately. Maybe 1200km in France was enough for a while? Tuesday was looking like the last sunny day for the week so I blasted him out of the house to do a loop I'd been thinking of for sometime. Heading south from Farnborough we revisited our old English home base of Aldershot then hit Bourley Road - one of my favorites. It has a bit more traffic than is ideal but it isn't intrusive. The road rolls up and down through a deciduous forest which was very pretty with the yellow leaves floating down and the sun peeping through. From there it was a tour through some of our favorite country villages - Church-Crookham, Dogmersfield, Odiham, and Winchfield. To make it a loop we returned along Robin's favored route through a new housing development called Elvetham Heath. This development goes on FOREVER! There are even signs pointing "way out" at the round-a-bouts. I'm thinking if there are any heavy drinkers living there they may have a hard time finding their way home from the pubs! It was nice to be out in the sun even though it was cold and my tootsies were frozen. Back home we rustled up some lunch and got Robin off to work and I settled in for the long and drawn out process of getting 2 loads of laundry done. No lie - it took over 6 hours - and that's with a separate washer and dryer - not one of the crazy combo machines. Sheesh.

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