Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The British are truly whacked!

Apologies to my British friends but I've had further proof today that, as a whole, the British are whacked! Robin and I went to B&Q which is basically a Home Depot. We spotted this item for sale.

We could not figure out why someone would come up with a butt shaped rain barrel with a spigot coming out the "business end". Goggling "rain barrel butts" when I got home shed some light on the subject. In Britain a rain barrel is called a water butt. Okay, so that explains the "double entendre" but still...


Anonymous said...

Hello Amy & Robin- Steve & Dian from ienna- Like the Blog thing and got to learn how to do ourselves. As for the Brithsh "whacked out"...there are some German characteristics that are pretty "whacked out" as well....and when we confronted them with our perspective, they felt it was "quite normal"! That's what makes travel so great...the different perspectives!

We didn't receive the summary on Robin's PGP, but know he did well. Did get a great newsletter from Laurie that they enjoyed their time with you...whish we could have joined!

Enjoy the rest of your stay, and keep jogging us whith new "blog entries" is our way of keeping in contact with friends.

Steve & Dian

PS-Just went to send this and find that all the instructions are in German! So, hope I hit the correct instruction and you get our reply!

Julie said...

Guess we know what everyone's getting for Christmas this year! Just make sure you pick a color that matches our blue roof, okay? Sounds as if you're having a great time. Keep up the good work. Mike and I send our best.

tripieper said...

Yes, garden water butts for everyone. Just one thing though, I think they were something like 40 pounds each - on sale. That's more than $80. My humor budget doesn't stretch that far.