Monday, 22 October 2007

No pumpkin pie for you!

We hosted friends Ken & Babara Robson and Shaun Bonney for dinner Sunday night. All three are friends we've met here in England through cycling. While (or should I say whilst?) trying to decide what to make for dessert Robin requested pumpkin pie which seemed a great idea as that is a distinctly North American thing. I've been having groceries delivered for the last month or so from Tesco. I didn't find any canned pumpkin while doing my online shopping but they did have "culinary" pumpkins plus all the other ingredients I needed. Delivery Saturday morning brought a subsitution of plain old Halloween pumpkins (which I rejected). I'm no expert on pumpkins but I'm pretty sure those wouldn't have the right flavor for a pie. Sunday morning we're off to the stores to try to find the missing key ingredient - no luck. We had a nice dinner though - fun guests and good conversation - and we settled for banana cake (bread) with cream and ice cream for our "pudding". Maybe I'll drag over a can of pumpkin filling if we are here in the autumn again.


lynnef said...

you can fake it with Hubbard squash or Acorn squash or Butternut squash. Just cut in half, scoop out the seeds and bake in the oven cut side down for 30 minutes or so. Then use it just like the canned pumpkin.

tripieper said...

I didn't know if that would have the same taste but I'll give it a whirl - and I can get nice organic butternut squash too! Thanks!