Friday, 12 October 2007

Of Mice and (repair)Men

Update on the mouse situation: We got a mouse in the live trap and set it loose in the woods behind the house. After the fright of Robin opening up the trap to reset it, thinking there was nothing in there and coming nose to nose with the mouse, we are hoping he/she will decide to find nibbles elsewhere...

Have you ever seen a dormouse? They are the cutest things ever. Here is a photo
of three in a torpid state (the little guy on the right looks like he might be snoring):

My record with all things house related continues to be poor here in the UK. A leak in the roof of the conservatory of our holiday rental has progressed into several leaks and currently there are 4 separate rain catchers spread about and the furniture rearranged to prevent damage. The owners are aware of the problem and have checked with me that we're not bothered by leaving it until they return in November. We're not at that room isn't very inviting in the grey and damp weather - just looks a little strange. The more immediate problem is a nibbling visitor. Seems we have a mouse (or possibly a hyena but that's just my overactive imagination when I'm home alone at night - I hope) making visits. We think access is coming from under the sink so we've set a live trap but no activity in the last couple of days. Perhaps my stomping about and poking at things a few days ago scared it off - or maybe it decided our preference for organics isn't to its liking. Of course there are 2 cats in the neighborhood so there is always the possibility that it met a feline foe. Well, the fun just never ends!

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