Saturday, 27 October 2007

No "do-overs"

Generally I don't like to try to repeat experiences that I found really great their first time out. Today was a lesson in the wisdom of that philosophy. We went back to the Roman ruins, this time taking along friends Steve and Rachel. While the day as a whole, the pretty country walk, and the company were all wonderful it altered our impression of the main attraction. When we uncovered the mosiac tile floor we found that someone had chipped away a part of the mosiac. I actually felt a little sick. It wasn't a huge part gone (and there had been some gone already) but the fact that it was fresh and had happened just since our last visit was very disheartening. Then, as we were leaving, we passed a couple heading towards the site and their walking sticks reminded Steve he'd forgotten his so he went back while we waited just a ways up the trail. He was some time in coming and we figured he was talking to the other walkers which he was. He reported back that he'd gotten quite a bit more information about the ruin from them. All of the mosiacs from the site had been taken up and transported to nearby Sudeley Castle and then lost (not sure about that details of that). At some later point this portion was found and it was then reinstalled (along with the adjoining rebuilt walls). It kind of put a little cloud over it all for me. It was much more exciting and romantic to have envisioned this little treasure right here for a couple thousand years untouched. Oh well, reality prevails again! We did enjoy the time with Steve and Rachel and later that evening we were treated to a lovely dinner. Our friends Jean and Robert took us to the Red Lion in Oakhangar which provided a great meal, a warm fire, and entertaining company.

A natural "heart" in the bark of an oak.

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