Thursday, 18 October 2007

Driving in your right mind?

So if I'm driving on the left here in the UK does that mean I'm driving in my right mind? Somehow I doubt it. The British are excellent drivers as a whole so I can't fault that (or maybe Americans are just so horrible anything looks great in comparison). They pay attention and adjust to circumstances without a big fuss or that old American standby - the one fingered salute (possibly accompanied by gunfire). It is the system that is nuts. Car parks have very small parking spaces (and by the way, if it is a pay and display lot you'd better not have even one tire resting on a white line or it's ticket time baby - right Robin?). Many have one-way ailes. So why the heck aren't the spaces angled??? No, you get to squeeze into a space approximately 10 centimeters wider than your car and have fun executing a 10 point turn to get lined up right. Of course many people get around this by just parking on the sidewalk (called "the pavement" here - huh??? aren't the roads paved???), or a median, or whatever. Driving on these is also practiced when the situation warrants and is very rewarding. We haven't noticed that drivers react much to emergency vehicles (that might just be because the catchy "move right for sirens and lights" doesn't work here). Anyway, check out #4 on this website to see an example of some of the fun you could have driving British roads:

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