Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Getting Wet

Getting back in swimming shape is a drag. We left for England/France in mid-August and even before then my swimming routine had been pretty spotty for a couple of months. So, no swimming for 3 weeks then back to England to find the pool at my club here was closed for the entire month of September. Aargh. So, I finally get back in the pool in October and I am a total turd in the water. Time off the bike doesn't seem to have as much an impact - or maybe its just that swimming is the only thing I have some competency in to start with. Anyway, with that much time off I have spent the last few weeks feeling like I'm fighting my way through jello most the time instead of that lovely slipping through the water feeling, floating on top, and gliding effortlessly. The last couple of workouts have felt somewhat better but still not back completely. How about a little humor to shake off the downer? Check out this Clif Bar commercial depicting what it feels like to be part of a mass start open water swim:

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