Sunday, 23 December 2007

A Wet But Wonderful Ride

Good news all around. Mom gets to go home tomorrow - just in time for her many children and their families to descend upon her for our traditional Christmas Eve gathering. I know she is looking forward to it and we're looking forward to her continued recovery.

Robin organized a bike ride today with me, Mark, Peter, Bob, Wayne, and Robert. He promised a flat and mellow ride which he delivered. Good thing since my fitness level is at the lowest it has been for years! It was fun to ride and chat with my good riding buddies. It was pretty wet which was the only drawback but I suppose expecting anything else in the Pacific Northwest in December would be silly. We met up at Greenfresh Market in Renton, fueled up on our choice of hot beverage and then headed south to Flaming Geyser Park. A short stop for more hot beverages along the way and yummy soups and goodies in a nicely heated deli at Greenfresh made for a nice social ride. Just the minimum of whining scored me a ride up the hill in Mark's car complete with heated seats and an extra jacket while Robin played the true randonneur by riding back home. A hot shower followed by a nap and I'm nearly good as new - except for the large pile of soaking wet riding clothes I need to deal with...

If any of you usually get a Christmas letter from us and are wondering where it is don't hold your breath. We will be sending some kind of New Year's greetings this year! Of course it was planned that way!

Merry Christmas and wishing you love, peace, and health in 2008!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Mom in recovery

I've been remiss about posting. My mom's surgery on Wednesday was tough but they successfully installed a new valve in her heart. I've been spending lots of time with her and dad while trying to stay on top of things at home and not neglect Robin too severely. It is a hard time but my mom is a strong woman (you don't raise 7 kids if you're a wimp!) and my dad, brothers & sisters, and I are leaning on each other. Thoughts and prayers from extended family and friends have been more helpful than you could know. As of this morning mom is still in Critical Care. The staff there have been terrific but it is not a restful place. Hoping for mom to progress to be able to move to a regular room where she might be able to get some real sleep. Other siblings are with mom and dad over the weekend so I will be catching up with some friends, riding my bike, and putting up some Christmas decorations before heading back to Lacey on Wednesday. I'm very thankful to have the scheduling freedom to be with mom and dad right now.