Monday, 29 October 2007

Homeward bound - but when?

On this trip to England we were originally scheduled to return home October 26. We were fairly sure that would be extended which it was - to November 16. Now that date is uncertain as Robin's boss has asked him to stay just a few more days to see out the end of a second short test. Not sure of a date yet and I am still without a ticket at all. Oh well, I am learning to be slightly more sanguine about having little to no control over the schedule of my own life. In any case we're here for around about 3 more weeks. The summer clothes I had packed in mid-August are languishing in the closet of despair while the 2 items of warmth are on rotation between body and laundry. I'd really like to experience some late spring/early summer weather on one of these jaunts - maybe next year?

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Paul Johnson said...

Well, sorry you are 'stuck' there a little longer but, all things considerend, it's not siberia.

PS:You should get Robin a Phonak jersey. His resemblance to Floyd Landis is uncanny!