Friday, 4 April 2008

Amy and her boys - parts I and II

Two recent bike outings put me in the company of my hubby and some other wonderful male friends. Although I sometimes lament the dearth of females in many of my activities there are advantages to hanging out with the boys.

Part I: On March 22 I joined Robin, Mark, Peter, and Bob for a 12-hour team event with SIR and ORR called a Dart. We started early catching the 6am ferry from Seattle to Bremerton but it was more leisurely than it sounds. First, the ferry was late so we sampled the culinary delights of the McDonald's (while waiting for Robin who had to hustle back to the house to get the car key I'd left behind - doh!), relaxed on the ferry eating the Irish soda bread I'd baked (and Peter napped), then stopped for coffee at Starbuck's just a block up from the ferry on the Bremerton side. We did finally get rolling and enjoyed a lovely route, dry weather, quiet roads, and good company. I especially appreciated the efforts of my friends in pulling me along and keeping my spirits up when my strength was failing. To add to all that I must share one of the biggest advantages of all to riding with boys:

nice butts in spandex! One is missing - he is too shy...

We ended the day in Centralia at McMeniman's Olympic Club where we met up with other teams enjoying the same event - all riding different routes.

Part II: The next Sunday (March 30) Robin and I rode to Tom Baker's house for his usual weekend ride. The day was dry and cold but not bad by the recent weather standards so I was surprised that it was only 5 of us - me, Robin, Tom, and 2 Johns. Once again I took up the rear guard position as we set off for a South Lake Washington loop with Mercer Island. Although a much shorter ride than the Dart it was at a much higher intensity with me doing all I could do to hang on to the back of the group. Once we hit the hills on Mercer Island I was off the back like I was shot from a cannon. Tom and later Robin slowed to let me catch up and then Robin pulled us back up to the 2 Johns who were probably struggling to stay warm riding at such a slow pace. I was sweating and panting (and it wasn't JUST the nice butts in spandex). Always nice to ride the island and especially with some strong steady riders to pull you along. The boys were all ready to take on another loop when we reached the east side of the island but I called it a day and rode home alone at a very sedate but happy pace.

Riding in heat and sunshine still seems a distant dream here in the Seattle area this year but hope springs eternal!


Mark said...

The missing butt would have taken the whole frame.

Robert Higdon said...

I was just telling my wife that I'm so used to the bad weather that I'm not sure what I am going to do once I actually need to take my jacket off. My belly is going to be busting out all over the place.