Friday, 18 April 2008

When Banking Was Fun

I had lunch yesterday with 2 of my former US Bank comrades. It was great to see them, have some laughs, and get caught up with what they are doing and try to trace the routes of various former co-workers. It really reminded me of the many years in my banking career when I really had it good - fun challenging jobs, great bosses, outrageous co-workers, and a bit of zaniness every day. Okay, well zaniness as defined by a banker (switching debits and credits around, making a photocopy of your elbow - you know, stuff like that - pure LUNACY!). I think the pinnacle was when these 2 ladies, Colleen McEvoy and DeAnna Poling were on the same team with me under the erstwhile leadership of Bob Pfau. Most team meetings broke up with us in tears from laughing at Gary's extremely non-PC ad-libs. If that atmosphere and ability to actually do my job the way I thought it should be done still existed I'd probably still be there. Since that time I've moved on to whatever the heck it is I do now, DeAnna is forging ahead to world domination at Key Bank and Colleen does her best to keep John P and Tom G in line in the Media/Telecommunications finance world - not an easy trick when she doesn't usually arrive in the office til about noon...

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