Sunday, 26 October 2008


On Tuesday I flew to Santa Rosa, CA to help my niece, Courtney, move back up to Washington. Stepping off the plane to 80 degree weather was heavenly! The first day and a half were pretty easy. Courtney and her mom and gotten most of her things packed up over the weekend and had hired some movers to pack the U-Haul trailer. That left us with cleaning the apartment and getting the last few items crammed into the trailer and the jeep. Things got a little ugly there and a few items were left behind because they just wouldn't fit. After the apartment inspection on Thursday morning we were on the road. The 12 foot trailer was not as bad to handle as I had feared but we were limited to about 60mph to keep it under control. After a night in beautiful Roseburg, OR we got to the Portland area around 11 am. That's when things got really interesting as we had several stops to make related to Courtney's new job and temporary living arrangements. Unloading the trailer at a storage facility was a challenge as the unit was approximately the same size as the trailer. I announced at one point that we weren't going to get everything in and Courtney went off to find out about renting an additional unit. In the meantime I just started cramming stuff in the unit all the way up to the top and somehow managed to actually get it all in. I am terrified of what I did in there however and have given grave warnings to any who might be there to unpack it in a couple of months. The last item was placed right up to the doorway as we back out and shut the door, yikes!

So, mission accomplished and Wednesday Courtney leaves to do a 2 week Italian cruise working as a sign language interpreter before returning to Vancouver/Portland for the next phase of her career. After moving the contents of her 1-bedroom apartment I am thinking I either need to stay in this house until I die or get very serious about a clean out. Craigs List here I come!

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