Monday, 27 October 2008

Hot Chocolate Stand

I blew it on Sunday. The newly established SIR Team Ride was scheduled to start at 9am at Great Harvest Bread in Lake Forest Park. I'd been there once before but I got balled up on the way there, thinking I'd gone too far along 522, turned around, stopped to ask, and when I finally got there I'd already seen the gang about a half mile down the road starting their ride. No problem, I headed out on my own and explored some roads I hadn't ridden before, found a cool pedestrian bridge over 405 and ended up on the Sammamish River Trail after an hour or so of hill climbing. Great! As I headed back towards Lake Forest Park near the end of the Sammamish Trail before it meets up with the Burke Gilman there was a guy with his 2 young kids. They'd made a hot chocolate stand out of an abandoned door. It was really cool and the kids were as cute as could be. I had to stop but then realized I only had a $20 buck bill. They insisted on giving me one on the house and told me they'd be there next weekend too.

I likely won't be riding up there next weekend but if you are be prepared with $.50 to buy a hot chocolate. And if you ride, run, or walk by and don't buy one SHAME ON YOU! In fact, give them $.50 for me and I'll pay you back.

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