Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Quest for the Dry R-12

Update: a few photos nicked from David Rowe's (readytoride) flickr account:

Randonneurs USA (RUSA) offers an award to those members riding a minimum 200km qualifying ride each month for 12 consecutive months. I've decided to add a twist to my pursuit of this award and have declared I will attempt a Dry R-12. Living in the Pacific Northwest this is a lofty goal but a worthy one in my opinion. I have the 4 easiest months in the bag (June, July, August, and September) and managed to squeak an absolutely gorgeous 200km permanent ride in yesterday (October 1) to start the questionable months off right.

A surprising number of riders showed up on a midweek day at the Black Diamond Bakery to share in a beautiful and WARM ride up to Sunrise. We even finished in the daylight which was a wonderful bonus, especially given the fact that we were quite leisurely in our stops. Thanks to Mark for organizing and to Robin and Matt for patiently riding my pace and even supplying a push or two.

So, month 5 of the R-12 down and now to retire the shorts I was wearing that my husband kindly waited til after the ride to tell me had grown a bit too thin in the butt area. Like spandex swimsuits we must rely on the kindness of others to tell us when things are becoming revealing. Friends don't let friends ride or swim with see-through spandex.


Vincent Muoneke said...

Gr8 riding with y'all
Let us know about the next DRY RUN

lightman said...

Didn't they tell you? The R in R12 stands for rain. I finished my R12 this weekend at bikenfest. In the rain. I forgot my sweater and long pants. Basically I rode in my raingear and underwear. Long descents in the mid 40s in the rain. Brrr.