Friday, 1 February 2008

Diminishing Mental Capacity

Driving down the road today I had an inspirational idea for a blog posting. Problem is I can't remember what it was. Last night before I fell asleep I remembered I needed to return a phone call so I threw my current book on the floor (my "string around the finger"). I woke up this morning, saw the book on the floor and knew it was a reminder but couldn't remember what I was to be reminded of. It took until nearly noon before it finally came to me. Last night my sister Mary and I took our brother Tom to dinner. We had a gift card from Mary's daughter Megan that we wanted to repay to her. It took us about 4 attempts to figure out who owed whom how much money after I paid the balance on the bill after the gift card, Mary and I were to split the total and get $25 back to Megan. When we returned from our last England trip just before Thanksgiving I went to my gym to workout. I could remember the combination for my locker but not the names of at least 2 women there that I've known for several years. I have seen these women naked for Pete's sake. I mean, unless you're a medical doctor or heavy into pornography shouldn't you remember the names of people you've seen naked??? Or is it enough that I remember that I've seen them naked???

My main form of daily exercise is going up and down the steps because I can't remember why I went there in the first place, got back down (or up), and repeat as necessary until I remember or I forget that I forgot and carry on to something else. If I'm going to go down this path I wish it would accelerate to the point that I don't know how feeble-minded I'm getting and just get to the part where I'm happy happy happy and each day is a new adventure! Gotta go, I may have left the bath running or a pot boiling on the stove...

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