Sunday, 5 September 2010

Two, Two, Two Goals in One!

I had 2 goals I wanted to reach this year and I had the good luck to achieve them both in one day - and - more importantly - had fun doing it.

Saturday, August 7 I finished up the last ride needed for my R-12 while completing the 3 Volcanoes 300km on tandem with rando extraordinaire, Peg Winczewski. I have a feeling our "record" for an all female tandem on that course will stand for some time.

A few pics courtesy of Jason Dul:

Me and my special Peg 3000 engine

Where to find randos in the early morning hours

Checking out views along the route

Jason, the photographer, his front wheel encountering gravel, and Kole and Jennifer climbing Babyshoe Pass

Randos at a watering hole - gotta watch out for crocodiles!

The tandem conquers Babyshoe and a group shot at the top while donating blood to the mosquitos (apparently the atmosphere at Babyshoe has a special quality that makes me extremely UNphotogenic)

A river crossing just outside of Trout Lake

Beautiful scenery to distract us from that final climb up to Elk Summit and and ominous looking sight at the top


Jason said...

I don't forsee your record being broken any time soon; nice going!

(Clarification: That's my front wheel on the gravel. Notice the dynohub, and distinct lack of a drivetrain.)

Jennifer said...

Congrats on completing the R-12, dry ones or not! You and Peg set high the standards, as two Randonneuse Anciens!

tripieper said...

Jason - got it fixed - doh!