Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside - or how my R-12 attempt met its end

Saturday Dec 20 - already snow on the ground in the Seattle area for a week and this is what my thermometer showed at 7:35am - yes that says 17 degrees F! 2 days later early in the morning as I was looking at the window surveying the beautiful winter scene I heard an ominous drip drip drip from the window. Our gutters were full of ice and snow and the downspouts were completely frozen solid. Since our house has no eaves that means it backed up right onto (and into!) the walls and was coming in the house. Out we go with ladders, flashlights (it was still dark), drill, sharp objects, etc. We disconnected the downspouts and and thawed them in the garage until we could empty out the ice and reattach them. Next day I was on "downspout duty" and emptied one out before it got clogged - got about a 3 foot long section of "ice tube" intact - pretty cool.

Anyway, all this equates to no 200k ride for me this month (there is no chance for me before the end of the year now I'm afraid) so I'll be starting my R-12 quest over in January. Wouldn't it be great if Santa put a new bike under the tree to take up where the Kestrel let off????

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Paul Johnson said...

So sorry to hear of the demise of the R-12, and the home troubles.

Take heart, I suspect there will be a few riders starting with a clean slate on the R-12 quest in January.

Good thinking to act fast on the gutters and downspouts. Flat roofs and no eves: Short term savings but eternal maintenance nightmares, I've always thought there should be a law in this neck of the woods. Merry Christmas!

Yr Pal Dr Codfish