Sunday, 31 December 2006

From ugly to fabulous - our new TV room

Before: ho hum...

In my usual style I first tackled our ugly TV room (okay, it is technically a bedroom but we are using it as a TV room cause we don't like having a TV as the focus of the living room) with no plan other than ripping up the carpet to see what was what. What was was a badly abused fir floor. That was in early 2004. So, I got the worst of the wall compound cleaned off and let it sit for 17 months.

er 2005 and the ball gets rolling again. We found a great deal on some mission style recliners and Robin decides he wants a "craftsman" style room. We restore the french doors we had bought long ago and happily tear out the world's ugliest aluminum framed sliding glass door. Tons of dust and cursing later and the floor is refinished. Intense debate at the paint display before deciding on a butterscotch color (much darker than true craftsman colors but we love it) and the room is coming together. We convert the small closet (which has a tiny window and electricity already) into my office and purchase a really cool rug at the Environmental Home Center, add a few accessories and voila! The best thing of all is that we can sit in that room without feeling a draft from the door. When we were removing the sliding glass monstrosity we discovered (this is an ongoing theme) that the crew that remodeled the house before we bought it completely botched the job - we couldn't figure out how that door had even held in place for 15 years - it was basically tacked in place with very little framing and none that was actually attached to the house!

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